Yellow-Throated Cuckoo

The Yellow-Throated Cuckoo, or Chrysococcyx flavigularis, is restricted mostly to the Guinea-Congo forest biome with a few small distributions further west. In Uganda, it occurs only at Semliki National Park and Maramagambo forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Like other shining cuckoos, the Yellow-Throated Cuckoo is highly vocal but difficult to see, calling loudly from thickets or dense tangles of vines. I fortuitously photographed this adult male at Semliki, as it foraged in the undergrowth during the late afternoon. Finding canopy-dwelling birds in the understory is one of the true joys of rainforest birding. Earlier in the day, we had tried using playback to lure a male into the open without success. Note how the male's upperparts appear in these photos to be more green in color than bronze, as depicted in field guides.

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