Uganda Birding B-Roll

Murchison Falls National Park

Aimee and Derek pose together at the base of the falls.

Aimee prepares a fire at the campsite for later that night.

A tower of giraffes finds respite on the shores of Lake Albert.

The Paraa ferry crosses the Victoria Nile.

Derek, armored against tsetse flies, enjoys an early morning at the falls.

A visitor studies the history of the region, as told by European explorers.

Traffic jams for a pride of lions far in the distance.

A python meets its fate on the road to Arua.

A bridge over the Albert Nile links to northwestern Uganda.

Vendors offer refreshment to bus passengers on the Gulu-Kampala Road. 

A petrol trucker takes a rest stop along the Gulu-Kampala Road. 

Roller bladers hitch a ride to Kampala on a matatu, or private minibus.

A goat herder uses open space along Kampala's outer ring road.

Kidepo National Park

A defunct safari lodge looms in the distance.

Derek prepares coffee at the campsite before an early morning safari.

Aimee enjoys the fruit of a sausage tree during an evening safari.

The sun sets over Kidepo National Park.

The long road to Kidepo passes through scenic northern Uganda.

Mabamba Swamp

The boatman, and passengers, work for unobstructed views of the Shoebill.

Thousands of White-Winged Terns congregate at Lake Victoria.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Where the world ends and Bwindi begins.

The entrance road to Ruhija Station passes over a high altitude region.

The birding continues to be excellent at Ruhija beyond the Bamboo Zone.

A tea estate borders the eastern edge the forest.

Villagers gather at a church along the entrance road on Easter Sunday.

Lake Mburo National Park

A billboard celebrates President Museveni's reelection.

The National Resistance Movement party dominates rural areas.

Fresh and dried fish are both for sale along the Kampala-Masaka Road.

Some customers lash the fish to the front grill of their car.

Kibale National Park

A construction crew widens the road through the forest.

Most visitors prioritize seeing chimpanzees over the Green-Breasted Pitta. 

A truck piled high with matoke lumbers towards Kampala.

Crater lakes dot the region between Kibale and Queen Elizabeth.

Large tea plantations lie between the park and Fort Portal. 

A local secondary school is closed for the weekend. 

A local farmer cultivates a mix of matoke and coffee. 

Robusta coffee grows well throughout southwestern Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Aimee sets up camp overlooking the Kazinga Channel.

We opt to stop along the road for an elephant crossing.

Villagers mine salt from pools at Lake Katwe.

Aimee poses at an overlook above Kyambura Gorge.

Semliki National Park

Ugandan visitors inspecting the hot springs.

The hot springs beckon from the western Rwenzori Mountains.

Lake Bunyoni

Lake Bunyoni is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Africa.

An oversized earthworm interrupts Derek's birding along the lakeshore.

Visitors enjoy a boat ride among the lake's dozens of islands.

Budongo Forest Reserve

The Albertine escarpment rises from Butiaba.

The Butiaba peninsula extends into Lake Albert from the western shore. 

The sleepy town of Butiaba is no longer a bustling port city.

A local pharmacy advertises more than medicine at Butiaba.

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